Save the Children believes

that every child deserves a future and gives children worldwide health, education and protection they are entitled to. They contribute to change through information and help children in times of distress. Save the Children is active in more than 120 countries on six continents. They remain there as long as there are vulnerable children, until their rights are respected.

Save the Children ensures that children survive the first years after their birth. Nutrition, information and medical care are crucial.


Education plays a central role. At school, children not only learn the alphabet and count, but also respect, tolerance and peace.


In many countries, the safety and future of children are constantly threatened by conflict, abuse and exploitation.


Save the Children saves children

Save the Children monitors the Rights of the Child and takes action when violated. Because every child earns a fair chance of a future. Health, the opportunity to learn and a protected environment are the basic conditions for this.

Always and everywhere Save the Children works to improve the rights of even the most difficult to reach children. And in case of emergency, they are present first and leave last. Because they are always with the children themselves, they have a lot of practical experience. Because it’s the tough daily reality of children who have told them for 100 years what they need. They listen to the stories the children tell them. That teaches them that they are mostly children. With their own dreams, ambitions and ideals.


We invest in a nice, healthy and safe future for children. As parents of two young children this is the most important thing in our life. We grant all the children in the world a nice, healthy and safe future!