Sell a property in Utrecht

Utrecht is a very nice city to live in. To us even the nicest city in the Netherlands. Centrally located with many facilities. Lots of hip restaurants, a vibrant and old center, many good schools and many recreation and sports clubs. In addition to the many shops and sports facilities, Utrecht also has many museums and cultural events. In short, a lovely city to live in!

However, there will be a moment when you decide to relocate and sell your property. You notice that it’s time to make steps. The thought has been playing for a long time and you are trying to get it all in line. You try to estimate the process and your chances on the market and make choices … Questions, questions, questions. Where am I going to live myself? Do I first buy and then sell or will I first sell and then buy a new home? What is the best way to start? Where do I even start? What is even the value of my house? How is the market for properties like mine? What do I need to give extra attention?

A very exciting phase in your life with many questions. Questions that you do not answer daily. Supercliche: we answer them daily!

How do we work? Scroll down and read more!


We start simple en clear, at the beginning of course. We prepare ourselfs to visit you house where we will meet and discuss your thoughts and wishes. We will inspect the property together and we will give you smart (styling)tips so that we can present and sell your property with optimal results. We will measure the property and explain how we work and what you can expect from us. Perhaps you need also some help in finding and buying a home. Assisting you with finding and buying a new home is also a service we provide!

After our conversation we begin to calculate the asking price and what your home is worth. During the conversation at your home we have told you when you will receive our extended quotation. Our quotation include the values, the justification of the values and our proposal regarding the selling costs.


You have looked at our quotation and perhaps compared to other real estate agencies offices and you choose us. Cool!! Thanks for the trust and assignment! After you have given us the verbal assignment we will get started to put everything on paper. We will confirm the agreements we have made in the ‘NVM agreement to provide services for selling a property’. Attached with the agreement you will also receive questionaries you need to fill in so you can inform the buyer on thing you know about the property.

Behind the scenes we are busy completing your selling dossier. For example, we carry out necessary investigations at the cadastre and land registry and ask for extracts, maps and the proof of ownership (deed) to get a good picture of the cadastral and property situation. The research costs are covered in startup costs.

Next, we will fine-tune the moment our photographer makes the photo shoot, when your home is listed on Funda and the way we conduct the views. We will bring you in contact with our photographer. If you want us to meet again and go through the (sytling)tips we gave, let us know.


We place immense value on a good presentation, a perfect presentation even! We work with a specialized home photographer who will make beautiful and realistic photos of your house. The setting of the atmosphere of the house is the starting point for us. With 41.7 million visits a month on Funda, you want your property to be optimal listed on Funda and especially noticeable for as many online viewers as possible. Funda simply brings your home to the attention of home seekers only once with the label ‘new’. This label gets the most online viewers. This is your chance to put your house in the spotlight. We have some tricks to give you house the best and extra attention on Funda.

All of our homes are provided with the Funda Presentation Package as standard. This package contains the three best performing presentation products from Funda: interactive maps, 360° photo (s) and a nice video. Partly thanks to this package, your property will be viewed longer and we get more contacts from people who want to visit your house.

In addition to the listing on Funda, your home will of course be listed on our site. At we especially emphasize the visual aspect and core features of your home. We try to present your property in a different way, so that the focus stays on your home. See what this looks like. Various posts on Instagram and Facebook complete the presentation.


Your home is listed on Funda, placed in the NVM national system, on, on Instagram and Facebook. We trump it around and tell it to everyone … in short, your home is now really for sale! Together we have made already a planning about the viewings. The phone is hopefully glowing red and the mailbox is exploding with contact requests. We will plan the viewings as we have discussed and of course we will execute these viewings.


The more space is shown the better. So if you have the option of storing excess furniture elsewhere, that’s wise to do. Also, when weather permits, open one or more windows. The eye wants something too. Make sure everything is clean and tidy. This does not have to be exaggerated either. After all it is still your home where you live. Of course the bathroom is clean and the built-in wardrobes are cleaned up. Clean windows provide bright light. A “crazy” tip: takes into account what you cook that day. The smell of cooked vegetables can last for a long time. Make sure it smells fresh. Watching a house with a clenched nose is not ideal for the ‘vibe’. Smelling fresh coffee or freshly baked bread, like a flower on the table, gives a welcome feeling. Very cliché, but it does work.


It’s smart to put some extra plants in the garden or at the front door. Potential buyers often looks at one or more homes for sale before they decide to visit or not. When the viewings takes place on a dark day or at night, do not forget to light the inside and outside. That gives more atmosphere and is welcoming.


Needless to say, but we will get you the best deal! Our negotiation style is transparent, integer and clear to all parties. We negotiate with much respect and emphasis. We try to make parties agree so that everyone has the right feel at the deal. Make it clear that our first interest is your interest! We will therefore conduct the negotiation on your behalf in good and close consultation. Depending on the interest, we may select a sales / negotiation strategy together in advance.


Congratulations! You have sold your property! A happy moment. Now the paperwork. The day that parties expressly congratulate each other is in many cases not binding for the Dutch law. We will we start asap to make the sales contract. This means that we will make the sales contract and send it in draft to you and the buyer. The sales contract will be in Dutch, but we have a English explanatory. We will invite you both to sign the sales contract with us at the office. Now the deal is formally and legally closed.


Perhaps the buyer needs a mortgage and has a precedent condition for that in the sales contract. Or he or she wants to do a technical survey of the house. Any conditions precedent which are mentioned in the sales contract are discussed during the negotiation and accepted or not. Of course we will advice you regarding these conditions and the consequences of these conditions. Accepted terms are noted in the sales contract. The 3 day reflection period is orderd by law and applies almost always to a private buyer.


You’ve packed and moved out. Always again a ‘mini trauma’. Enfin, time to deliver your home! In the meantime, we have received multiple mails and documents from the notary. We will check the documents we receive from the notary for you. This includes the time of transport of ownership. In other words the moment you and the buyer sign the deed at the notary office. Before we go to the notary, we will inspect the house together. The so-called final inspection. We check whether the property is delivered as agreed (including any movable items that have been purchased) and we note the meter readings. After everyone is satisfied with the delivery, we leave to go to the notary office.

Once arrived at the notary, we go through the deed. This act causes the buyer to become owner. After you have both signed, you hand over the keys. The sale is final now!


De eerste indruk maak je maar één keer en die moet gelijk perfect zijn!


Sellers we have helped selling their homes!

We think that you have a good impression regarding the way we work.

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