Have you bought a house and need a validated valuation report (NWWI)? Or is there another reason why you need an valuation? MOIB real estate agents & appraisers delivers quick and at a sharp ALL-IN fee your valuation report. Our valuation reports are clear, reliable and are accepted by all lenders. Because we also sell and purchase houses for clients we are well known with the housing market and all the elements that play a part in the value of a property.

Within 48 hours

You need an assessment and rather today than tomorrow. We understand this perfectly. Within 48 hours after visiting the property, you will receive the valuation report. This way you can continue your application asal and don’t lose precious time.

Clear valuation report

Our valuation reports are accepted by all lenders and comply with all (NWWI) guidelines. The valuation report is clear and well-founded. You will receive the valuation report (in Dutch) digitally so you can easily proceed with your application.

Clear process

Once you have requested the valuation digitally, we will schedule the visit as soon as possible. After viewing the property, we will keep you posted on progress. After the validation and ‘ready signal’, you will receive our valuation report by email.

The validation process

Validated valuation report? The NWWI? Value? What do these terms all mean? Watch the video and it will become a lot clearer (unfortunatly in Dutch).

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Request a valuation immediately!


Valuation request

Request the valuation through above or ask your financial adviser to do so. We will review the application and schedule the visit. In addition, we will start collecting the relevant documents. Are you going to co-finance a renovation? Do not forget about the renovation specification!


Visit & Drafting

We take all the properties we valuate will be visited by ourselves. We don’t do ‘outside’ valuations. This means that we can only valuate the property if we have actually been inside the property. We measure the property ourself and make several pictures so that we get a good picture of the property. At the office we start with a comprehensive investigation and start with the valuation report. The market value is clear and well-founded, so that all parties understand the underlying market value.


Validation & Ready signal

After the valuation report is submitted for validation it’s now time the validation institute takes a lot at it. They review the assessment report on a number of points and provide feedback. After this process is completed, the valuation will be digitally signed and emailed to you.

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