In 3 steps to your dream home!


Good chat!

It starts with a orientative conversation. Free of charge and without any obligations. Meeting in the evening or weekend is not a problem for us! This also applies to the viewings later. During the conversation we will explain how we work and what we can do for you. If the click is there and our way of work fits your wishes, we will proceed as quickly as possible!


Getting Started!

We are going to work together and make clear arrangements. We wille make a assignment and will sign you up in the NVM Exchange System. We have mapped your wishes regardig the house your looking for and possibilities and we’re going to work for you. We will plan the viewings, we will view the houses with you, we will choose, consult, investigate and negotiate.


Moving in!

It worked! We have found your dream home! Your house is techincal checked and without any big constructive failures, we have arranged the paperwork, the mortgage is arranged and we are on our way to the notary! Exciting! It’s almost time. Get a signature, receive a key and enjoy … You have bought a house! Congrats!

If you are looking for a property in Utrecht, it is wise to hire your own NVM real estate agent to assist you with buying a property.

When you feel the “magic” click while watching your dream home, you will see the house through ‘pink spectacles’. You fall in love with the house, get super enthusiastic and you want to go all the way. Do not worry, that’s very human. Hire us as your purchasing broker to advise you. This way you are sure of a realistic and professional look at the situation and you get good and independent advice. Realize that the the seller real estate agent of the property has one interest and that is the interest of the seller.

MOIB real estate agents & appraisers is specialized in assisting with purchasing houses. As a NVM purchasing broker in Utrecht and surroundings, we will assist you in a personal way during the entire purchase process. With years of experience in purchasing housing, we have extensive knowledge of the Utrecht housing market and surrounding area. As a NVM purchasing broker we are active in all neighbourhoods in Utrecht, Maarssen, De Bilt, Bilthoven, Zeist, Houten, Nieuwegein, Amersfoort, Culemborg and De Meern / Vleuten.

Buyers who we have helped with finding a house!

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